The Marshall Store & Oyster Bar ~ A Stranded Foodie Favorite


After a trip to the beautiful Tomales Bay, we had a fabulous time with friends where we devoured raw oysters, colorful fish tacos, and meaty Dungeness crab. Doesn’t that sound incredible? This rustic seafood shack called Marshall Store & Oyster Bar, is located an hour north of San Fransico along the beautiful Highway One. Which is approximately 15 minutes north of Point Reyes Station… another area known for famous artisanal cheeses. So, you can start sampling some cheeses on your way to feasting on seafood at Marshalls. Or, something tasty from their smoker like a pulled pork sandwich. Either way, there is something for everyone’s palate.

This oyster bar offers a view of bobbing boats with a picturesque coastline. After heading outside to find a place to sit, my order soon arrived. I started my feast off with a dozen raw oysters (and they farm their own). These oysters where some of the best I’ve ever eaten. No, really!  Next, I demolished off an order of their fish tacos while enjoying the view. Even if you don’t eat raw oysters, they offer them barbecued and “Rockefeller” which are pilled up with lots of flavor goodies of spinach and cheese. Sounds heavenly!

What a dreamy foodie day I had with my friends. I highly recommend planning a day trip that includes this oyster shack. Just make sure you arrive hungry. Hope you savor the moment as I did.


Here’s the inside oyster bar. I’m getting hungry!


What a picturesque view!


Next, I demolished off an order of their colorful fish tacos while enjoying the view. And they tasted as good as they look!


The Marshall Store & Oyster Bar ~ 19225 State Route 1, Marshall, CA 94940. (415) 663-1339

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