Stranded Foodie Loves Olympic Club “Tower of Dungeness Crab”


Crab feed. Ohh, so splendid and most succulent. With Dungeness crab in season here in the Bay Area, I was lucky enough to attend the yearly crab feed at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. A few years ago was my first time attending this festive eating frenzy. I was elated

when a dear friend of mine invited me back to feast again on the famous “tower of crab.” And I mean a tower of crab. The presentation is so spectacular because the crab legs are mounded up vertically to create this impressive structure.

Before the crab arrives to your table, a wonderful Caesar salad starts off the evening. Next, a delicious meat filled ravioli comes along. I figured I had better pace myself because I knew what was coming. Then, the highlight of the evening arrives at the table… the crab tower of goodness which sets the whole place on fire with slight cheering from each table in the room. And that tower of crab makes the whole evening for me! But there’s more, a glorious dessert to end the meal. It was a pretty apple tart with eggnog ice cream. The perfect sweet for me since I adore desserts made with fruit.

What an evening to remember! How lucky am I to have attended such a wonderful event… thanks to my dear friends. It was a foodie match made in heaven. Crab, crab, crab, oh how I love thee.