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Wherever I go, I sample the local cuisine, taste the regional wine and cocktails, and prowl for the best culinary products. Back at home, I experiment with my own food and beverage concoctions. Sometimes I travel with specific ingredients and tools so I can cook special dishes for family and friends. And nothing gets my creative juices flowing like holidays and entertaining. Sound familiar? If so, maybe my favorite discoveries, realizations, and recipes will inspire your own adventures, and you’ll want to share them here.

Stranded Foodie Super Bowl Chili Recipe


Ahh, Super Bowl Sunday. For me, the biggest game day of the year wouldn’t be complete without all the typical party fare. You know, things like layered dips and chips, chicken wings, nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, and maybe a cheesy rich mac and cheese. So [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Spiced Bittersweet Hot Chocolate Recipe


During my first trip to France during my college years, I remember having the most incredible hot chocolate while in Paris. If you’ve had it, you know what I mean. If not, this recipe will give you that French café hot chocolate experience. This is no ordinary hot chocolate, but the most creamy, dreamy and rich hot chocolate you’ve [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Leek and Potato Soup Recipe with Corn Beef and Cabbage Garnish


I’m looking for something different to make for St. Patrick’s Day, so I decided to make my creamy leek and potato soup. Over the years, I have been making this luscious soup, but today I’m thinking of making it more festive. So, for the twist, I topped it off with some sautéed corn been and cabbage. What a delicious presentation this makes on this classic soup! [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Blood Orange Martini ~ Cocktail of the Month

Blood oranges have a deep red flesh and the rind of the orange has a pretty red blush. They are usually a bit sweeter than a regular orange and make a fantastic martini with great color. Since blood oranges are in season right now, this is the perfect cocktail to make this month. And it’s just in time for the Super Bowl game. What, you say, a martini? Yep, a nice festive alternative to beer for those friends who may not drink beer, or might prefer a [Read more…]

Chanterelle Mushrooms with Thyme, Garlic and Cognac Crostini Recipe ~ from Stranded Foodie

For appetizers, I love to serve some type of offering made with mushrooms. So why not wild chanterelle mushrooms? They are in season right now and they are so flavorful especially when sautéed with a combination of butter and olive oil, garlic, some herbs, and finished with a bit of cognac. Sounding better? Then, while warm, I spoon some onto a perfectly toasted slice of crostini that has been rubbed with garlic. And to finish, you can add some freshly grated nutty Parmigiano- [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Comforting Chicken Soup Recipe for You

Doesn’t this chicken soup look amazing? Well, it tastes just as good as it looks. I’m not kidding. For me, there’s nothing like a big bowl of comforting homemade chicken soup especially on a cold day. Or, when you’re not feeling too well. It’s defiantly the gold standard of global comfort food. Don’t you think?

My husband was a little under the weather, so I decided to make up a batch for him. And some for me too! For me, I love the lightness of chicken soup yet how satisfying it can be. I used my homemade chicken stock I had on hand, and simply added carrots, celery, egg noodles, and some delicious moist roast chicken. It’s so easy!  [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Salad Recipe of Roasted Carnival Squash, Avocado and Apple

Carnival squash has to be one of the best tasting squashes I’ve ever eaten. With their pretty colors on their exterior, the interior yields a creamy texture and rich taste when roasted. It’s very comforting yet nice and light.

Since I’ve been lighten up my eating after the holidays, some roasted carnival squash added to a salad would be my perfect choice for a recipe today. I’ll add some creamy avocado for some good fat. And an apple for a bit of crunch and sweetness. As for cheese, I [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Roast Chicken Recipe with Meyer Lemon and Rosemary

It’s cold outside and I’m craving something comforting to eat for dinner that’s not too difficult to make but has a wonderful heavenly flavor. Hmm, how about a whole roast chicken. With lemon, rosemary, and a hint of garlic… and a little bit of crispy flavorful skin. Okay, a tasty proper roast chicken! I just happen to have some fragrant Meyer lemons right from the garden but conventional lemons are just fine for this recipe.

Here’s a tip, i’ve heard that seasoning the chicken at least one day in advance will improve the flavor and help keep [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Snowflake Cookie Recipe

Here’s one more cookie recipe for the holidays that I thought I would share with you. My snowflake sugar cookies which are so pretty and wintry looking. Snowflakes come in all shapes, but the one thing they have in common, is their glittery sparkle. These cookies would also be great to make after the holidays [Read more…]

Peppermint Milkshake with Stranded Foodie Real Chocolate Sprinkles

I love anything peppermint during December. Especially a good creamy peppermint milkshake. And those nice crunchy peppermint candies in the ice cream are so tasty. To make my shake extra special and different, I rim my glass with our Stranded Foodie Real Chocolate Sprinkles. They are amazing because they are real premium chocolate and they look so pretty on the glass. Have you heard my story?  [Read more…]