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Wherever I go, I sample the local cuisine, taste the regional wine and cocktails, and prowl for the best culinary products. Back at home, I experiment with my own food and beverage concoctions. Sometimes I travel with specific ingredients and tools so I can cook special dishes for family and friends. And nothing gets my creative juices flowing like holidays and entertaining. Sound familiar? If so, maybe my favorite discoveries, realizations, and recipes will inspire your own adventures, and you’ll want to share them here.

Stranded Foodie Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Blue Cheese Slaw


I just love the taste of a crispy and spicy buffalo wing slathered with some tangy blue cheese dressing. The combination is so delectable! The only thing is, they are so messy to eat. So, I was thinking of trying another version [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Caprese Sandwich Recipe


What would summer be without a good tomato sandwich? A couple slices of your favorite toasted bread slathered with some mayo. Then, the star is added… thick sliced vine ripened tomatoes right out of the garden. Perfect tomato [Read more…]

Blue Ash Chili ~ A Stranded Foodie Favorite


When visiting Cincinnati, Ohio, I love to pay a visit to Blue Ash Chili. This diner style restaurant is known for their massive-sized double and single-decker sandwiches and some of the best Cincinnati-style [Read more…]

I’m Dreaming About the Roli Roti Porchetta Sandwich and Roasted Potatoes ~ from Stranded Foodie


A few years back, I discovered the Roli Roti mobile rotisserie food truck in San Francisco where I indulged on their incredible porchetta sandwich. This sandwich is made from perfectly roasted pork loin that’s been wrapped in pork belly, and stuffed with herbs. The pork is so tender and juicy and the crunchy and salty skin is killer. They add a sweet onion [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Bacon,Tomato, Lettuce, Avocado and Fresh Mayo Sandwich Recipe

Tomato season is almost gone, darn! So I’ve been making all sorts of dishes using big ripe red tomatoes from my farmer’s market. Maybe your lucky enough to have some growing in your garden to enjoy. Next year, I need to plant some so I can enjoy my own whenever I want.

Since I just made a batch of my easy fresh mayonnaise, I’m going to slather some on a nice tomato sandwich today. But it’s no ordinary tomato sandwich. I’m going to add some nice baby lettuce leaves, [Read more…]