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Wherever I go, I sample the local cuisine, taste the regional wine and cocktails, and prowl for the best culinary products. Back at home, I experiment with my own food and beverage concoctions. Sometimes I travel with specific ingredients and tools so I can cook special dishes for family and friends. And nothing gets my creative juices flowing like holidays and entertaining. Sound familiar? If so, maybe my favorite discoveries, realizations, and recipes will inspire your own adventures, and you’ll want to share them here.

Stranded Foodie Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Blue Cheese Slaw


I just love the taste of a crispy and spicy buffalo wing slathered with some tangy blue cheese dressing. The combination is so delectable! The only thing is, they are so messy to eat. So, I was thinking of trying another version [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Chicken Fajitas with Stone Ground Tortillas


Mmmm, rotisserie chicken fajitas. They are one of my favorite things to make because they are so flavorful and fun to assemble. You can also mix up the ingredients and use fish, beef, or just veggies. But for this time, I’m going to [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Super Bowl Chili Recipe


Ahh, Super Bowl Sunday. For me, the biggest game day of the year wouldn’t be complete without all the typical party fare. You know, things like layered dips and chips, chicken wings, nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, and maybe a cheesy rich mac and cheese. So [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Chicken Saltimbocca


For me, Saltimbocca is the perfect quick dish to make during the week especially when my schedule is so hectic. Saltimbocca is Italian for “jumps into the mouth.” I get why this dish is named that… because it is so scrumptious, yet so simple to prepare. It’s classically [Read more…]

Thai Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce Recipe from Stranded Foodie


Just thinking about a flavorful grilled Thai chicken satay that’s slathered with homemade peanut sauce. On my… for me, that’s Thai foodie goodness! It’s easy to whip up a batch and all you do is marinate some chicken breast pieces and thread them on skewers for grilling. For the peanut sauce, add [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Minced Chicken in Lettuce Cups


For me, I just love minced chicken in lettuce cups and it’s something I aways order when eating out in my favorite Chinese restaurants. I’ve tried many versions, but today,  I’ve decided to make them myself. Typically served as an [Read more…]

Andouille Sausage, Shrimp, and Chicken Jambalaya Recipe from Stranded Foodie


For me, having jambalaya is a splendid way to help celebrate the New Year. It’s soul food at its finest – hearty, so incredibly satisfying, and deeply comforting. With the perfect balance of spices and the Southern “holy trinity” of onions, celery, and [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu


I’m still on an “old school” cooking theme this week and chicken cordon bleu is something I haven’t had for years. It’s one of those fashionable 70’s dishes I remember my father making for us. And my dad was an excellent home cook. His chicken cordon bleu was really superb! Since I’m always looking for ways to [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Malaysian BBQ Chicken Kabobs

Posted: 01 May 2013 11:03 PM PDT


I love a good flavorful marinade especially when it comes to Asian cuisine. In Malaysia, chicken kabobs are threaded onto skewers and marinated overnight in a spicy coconut milk marinade that contains tons of flavor goodies. Ingredients like lemon grass, fresh ginger root, garlic, chiles, turmeric, and a touch of fish sauce for a real nice depth of flavor. [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto, Italian Chicken Sausage, and Broccoli


Making pesto is so easy to make and I love how it adds tons of flavor to any ordinary pasta or appetizer. But, pesto made with roasted red peppers? Yep, this recipe is so tasty, I scarfed up half the recipe. No kidding, it was that good. The only time consuming part was roasting those red peppers and peeling them. But, they were worth [Read more…]