About Me: Nancy, the Original Stranded Foodie

A cross-country move a few years back left me in unfamiliar culinary territory. A longtime gourmet cook and wine collector, suddenly I was unable to find the ingredients and dining experiences I knew and craved.

In short, I felt “food stranded.”

After an initial bout of frustration (okay, self-pity, too), I realized I couldn’t be the only one in distress. So I started gathering information, developing recipes, and accumulating contacts, ultimately serving up Stranded Foodie as a place where fellow adventurers could find advice, friendship, and resources to help guide their own gastronomical journeys.

I guess you could say I came by the idea naturally; even my genes are dusted with Swiss chocolate. My love of fine cooking began in my family’s Cincinnati and Detroit kitchens, where my parents used fresh local ingredients to prepare most meals from scratch. Pursuing a sweet tooth my parents didn’t share, I started baking in grade school. By high school, I was helping them host gourmet dinner parties. As a young adult, I moved to Northern California. When not working at day jobs in corporate communications, I took classes at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and from local chefs, haunted farmers’ markets and wineries, and moonlighted for a caterer. And then I married a fellow foodie whose own culinary experiences and dreams have fueled my own.

Away from the stove, I’ve pursued a career in visual arts, earning a BFA in graphic design and spending more than 25 years as a graphic designer and creative director for Silicon Valley employers.

Today, I’m stranded no more—and dedicated to helping fellow foodies find or make what they’re missing.

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