Have you Ever Had an It’s-It? – A Stranded Foodie Favorite

Have you ever had an IT’S-IT Ice Cream Sandwich? Now that I live on the Bay Area again, I am rediscovering this wonderful local treat that I missed very much while living on the east coast. The IT’S-IT ice cream treat was created in 1928 and has been a San Francisco tradition since then.

It’s creator George Whitney, placed a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two large old-fashioned oatmeal cookies and dipped the sandwich into dark chocolate to create a thin, hard shell. After tasting his creation, he yelled “IT’S-IT!” Perhaps this might be how the IT’S-IT got it’s name.

Today, the IT’S-IT can be found in Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint, and Cappuccino. My favorite is the mint, but honestly, they are all good. You can find them in the Bay Area, and other locations in California, and on the west coast.

Forget the other boring ice cream novelties and make sure to try one of these incredibly crazy good ice cream sandwiches when you travel out west. Or like me, you just might want to get reacquainted with this foodie find.

They come in four flavors; vanilla, mint (my favorite), and cappuccino. And also chocolate which my store didn’t carry. All of them are crazy good!

I cut this one in half so you can see the inside. The oatmeal cookies sandwich the creamy mint ice cream inside and all is enrobed in a dark chocolate thin shell. Truly a foodie find!