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Wherever I go, I sample the local cuisine, taste the regional wine and cocktails, and prowl for the best culinary products. Back at home, I experiment with my own food and beverage concoctions. Sometimes I travel with specific ingredients and tools so I can cook special dishes for family and friends. And nothing gets my creative juices flowing like holidays and entertaining. Sound familiar? If so, maybe my favorite discoveries, realizations, and recipes will inspire your own adventures, and you’ll want to share them here.

Stranded Foodie Sourdough Stuffing with Sausage, Apples, and Pecans Recipe


I love a good stuffing that’s filled with lots of earthy flavor goodies, don’t you? This is an easy recipe to accompany your Thanksgiving turkey, or chicken, or pork roast, that’s delectable for any time of the year. Sometimes I just make stuffing for dinner when I’m craving it! [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Deconstructed Turkey


Through the years I’ve tried many ways to cook a turkey, and one of my favorite ways to is the Julia and Jacques’s recipe for a deconstructed turkey. What I love about this method of cooking, is that both the white [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Fresh Cranberry, Orange, and Green Apple Relish Recipe


This is one of my favorite ways to make cranberry relish that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s so fresh and vibrant… and so colorful and gorgeous, that I love to place it in mason jars and give it as gifts during the holiday season.

There’s no cooking involved, and all the fruit is raw. I love that I can easily whip [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Wild Mushroom and Spinach Stuffed Turkey Breast


Sometimes, the Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t have to be a whole bird. Especially if your gathering is only few people, and you may not want to have several weeks of turkey leftovers, so there’s no need to roast a large 15 pound gobbler. You could roast just a couple turkey [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Bourbon Pear Tart Recipe


I think pears are the perfect choice for a holiday dessert. Bartlett, Anjou or Bosc, they all will work well for a scrumptious pear tart. But no, wait a minute, this recipe uses canned pears. Canned pears!!! Okay, I was hesitant to use canned fruit for this tart, but if you find a brand that contains [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Glazed Pearl and Cipollini Onion Relish with Raisins and Almonds


I’ve been making this relish-like dish since this recipe was published in Bon Appétit in 1994… a very long time! That’s because it’s one of my favorite side dishes to serve at Thanksgiving alongside our roast turkey. It also goes very well with roast duck, goose (or any kind [Read more…]

Gingerbread with Warm Apple Compote and Cider Sabayon Recipe ~ from Stranded Foodie


Cooler weather has arrived, so classic gingerbread is one of my favorite desserts to have this time of year. With lots of molasses and spices, this dark cake is moist and just plain dreamy on it’s own. But lets not [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Pumpkin Pie Martini 


If you’re thinking about serving up a cocktail over Thanksgiving, why not make up a batch of pumpkin pie martinis? With fall harvest and all the autumn feel this time of year, this cocktail is loaded with pumpkin taste and hint of [Read more…]

Tender and Moist Pumpkin Scone Recipe from Stranded Foodie

Are you crazy about pumpkin goodies, but are sad to see the season ending? I sure am!  So, I made these delectable pumpkin scones over the holiday weekend for my house guests. They were such a big hit, that I wanted to share the recipe with you.

These pumpkin scones remind me of the ones I used to find at Starbucks, but they are are very tender and moist. I love that because I’m not a big fan of those very dry crumbly scones. Then, to make them a little more special, I brush the tops with a tasty spiced glaze [Read more…]

Nancy ~ the Original Stranded Foodie Wishes You a Very Happy Thanksgiving

Our beautiful Thanksgiving Day table. Can’t wait to enjoy our amazing dinner. [Read more…]