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Wherever I go, I sample the local cuisine, taste the regional wine and cocktails, and prowl for the best culinary products. Back at home, I experiment with my own food and beverage concoctions. Sometimes I travel with specific ingredients and tools so I can cook special dishes for family and friends. And nothing gets my creative juices flowing like holidays and entertaining. Sound familiar? If so, maybe my favorite discoveries, realizations, and recipes will inspire your own adventures, and you’ll want to share them here.

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Minted White Chocolate Ball Cookies


These pretty festive peppermint cookies are a cross between a cookie and a candy. Coated with melted white chocolate, they are a version of a bourbon or rum ball cookie. Remember those holiday goodies? You know, [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Deconstructed Turkey


Through the years I’ve tried many ways to cook a turkey, and one of my favorite ways to is the Julia and Jacques’s recipe for a deconstructed turkey. What I love about this method of cooking, is that both the white [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Fresh Cranberry, Orange, and Green Apple Relish Recipe


This is one of my favorite ways to make cranberry relish that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s so fresh and vibrant… and so colorful and gorgeous, that I love to place it in mason jars and give it as gifts during the holiday season.

There’s no cooking involved, and all the fruit is raw. I love that I can easily whip [Read more…]

Le Grand Courtâge for the Holidays ~ from Stranded Foodie


After leaving her job in the States, Tawnya Falkner followed her dream of moving to France. It was there that she launched Le Grand Courtâge which translates to “the Great Courtship.” They make these fabulous new sparkling wines including a NV Grand Cuvée Blanc de Blancs and a [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Naughty but Nice Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Ham and Panko Bread Crumb Topping


With the holidays fast approaching, I just had to share this recipe for these naughty but nice cheesy scalloped potatoes. They are amazing on their own, but I had some leftover Honey Baked ham, so I added lots of pieces to the potatoes and [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Nutty Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Peanut butter and chocolate are the ultimate match, don’t you think? And I’m really craving a warm cookie (or two) to help me with decorating my Christmas tree today. So, I’m going to make up a batch of my nutty peanut butter cookies that have lots of giant milk chocolate chips. First, I’ll put on [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Recipe for Minty Triple Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


Mint and dark chocolate go together so well, especially in my Minty Triple Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. There are many crinkle-type cookie recipes out there, and believe me, I have tried several of them and they all seem to be missing something special. My secret for making this [Read more…]

Soft Molasses Holiday Cookie Recipe from Stranded Foodie


My mother-in-law used to make these delectable soft molasses cookies and this recipe reminds me of what she used to create for us. Molasses Is a perfect ingredient because it gives the cookies a soft chewy texture with a lovely dark color. [Read more…]

Duchess Potato Recipe from Stranded Foodie


Last fall, I made these gorgeous potatoes called duchess potatoes and liked them so much that I’ve decided to make them for my upcoming holiday dinner. If you haven’t had duchess potatoes, they are like having fancy mashed potatoes that are piped into decorative swirls. Like beautiful rosettes, [Read more…]

Stranded Foodie Bourbon Pear Tart Recipe


I think pears are the perfect choice for a holiday dessert. Bartlett, Anjou or Bosc, they all will work well for a scrumptious pear tart. But no, wait a minute, this recipe uses canned pears. Canned pears!!! Okay, I was hesitant to use canned fruit for this tart, but if you find a brand that contains [Read more…]